Welcome to the all new www.timsautomotivemachine.com, home of Tim Ludwigson's Bloomer, WI based high performance engine shop!

Tim Ludwigson has been in the business of providing the area's stock car racers with powerful engines for more than a decade and is constantly expanding to serve a growing client list. Ludwigson and his crew specialize in competition engines for the Late Model, Modified, Super Stock and Street Stock divisions and work closely with a large number of area drivers on their way to winning championships. All machining and assembly are done in-house at Tim's Automotive Machine by skilled workers who understand your desire to win and your need for reliability.

In addition to high performance dirt track racing engines, Tim's Automotive Machine also provides OEM replacement 1987 to 1995 Chevrolet engines, 1996 Vortec 350s and can also restore older engines to original specifications.

Tim's Automotive Machine also has an in-house Power Test dyno to test the performance of each engine built in his shop. Customers can also bring their engine built by another shop to Tim's Automotive for dyno testing.

BLOOMER, WI - As a racer, here’s what you do. You get the best equipment you can afford, and you work hard day in and day out to make your program a success. That is also the philosophy of Tim Ludwigson, owner of Tim’s Automotive Machine, who has invested heavily in the machinery it takes to create the best-performing and most-reliable race engines on the market for WISSOTA competitors.

That continued investment in the best machining equipment keeps Ludwigson and his staff - his son, Mike, and B.J. Huse - at the forefront of WISSOTA race engine development.

It’s no wonder a growing group of racers has been turning to Tim’s Automotive for race engines in recent years.

“Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment reflects our commitment to meeting our customers’ demands - they want to be on the cutting edge, they want the best - and we strive to keep them there,” Ludwigson said.

The backbone of the shop rests on a pair of computer-controlled, Rottler F67A four-axis machining centers that allow the crew to qualify all blocks with a Renishaw probe, and then perform the following operations; block lightning, lifter truing, cylinder boring, decking and cam tunnel boring. In other words, when your block is machined on the F67A, it has been bored and prepared to match exact specs - the specs needed to make sure it’s reliable and performs its best.

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