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BLOOMER, WI - As a racer, here’s what you do. You get the best equipment you can afford, and you work hard day in and day out to make your program a success. That is also the philosophy of Tim Ludwigson, owner of Tim’s Automotive Machine, who has invested heavily in the machinery it takes to create the best-performing and most-reliable race engines on the market for WISSOTA competitors.

That continued investment in the best machining equipment keeps Ludwigson and his staff - his son, Mike, and B.J. Huse - at the forefront of WISSOTA race engine development.

It’s no wonder a growing group of racers has been turning to Tim’s Automotive for race engines in recent years.

"Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment reflects our commitment to meeting our customers’ demands - they want to be on the cutting edge, they want the best - and we strive to keep them there," Ludwigson said.

The backbone of the shop rests on a pair of computer-controlled, Rottler F67A four-axis machining centers that allow the crew to qualify all blocks with a Renishaw probe, and then perform the following operations; block lightning, lifter truing, cylinder boring, decking and cam tunnel boring. In other words, when your block is machined on the F67A, it has been bored and prepared to match exact specs - the specs needed to make sure it’s reliable and performs its best.

Most shops don’t have this type of equipment, but Ludwigson insists on keeping up with the technical advances in the industry so the racers who trust his shop for their engines get the best piece possible.

"It’s all part of OUR commitment to THEIR success," Ludwigson said of his customers and his continued tooling upgrades.

Whether you’re in need of a high powered Late Model engine or a competitive Pure Stock engine, Tim’s also offers the kind of price that will surprise you.

Rest assured, you won’t suffer sticker shock when you call Tim’s Automotive to discuss your next racing engine. You’ll be amazed at the kind of engine you can get for your hard-earned money at the Bloomer, WI shop.

"We’ve been fortunate to have some really good racers come to us and we’ve enjoyed growth and success right along with them," Ludwigson noted. "In this business, if you’re working with the guys who are near the front or clearly heading to the front of the field, people get curious and want to talk to you," Ludwigson explained.

Two of the many drivers that create a lot of buzz for Tim’s Automotive Machine are WISSOTA Modified drivers Joey Jensen and Dave Cain.

Jensen had a dream season by anyone’s standards, highlighted by winning the Como Modified Series championship and earning a $10,000 check for doing so. He also won both Modified specials at KRA Speedway, the $2,400-to-win show at Red River Co-op Speedway north of the border and two other shows that paid more than $1,500. He won 17 features in all and finished third in the final national point standings.

Cain, meanwhile, proved once again to be a top contender to win no matter where he raced in 2010 and finished fourth in national points, the fourth time he’s placed that high since 2004.

Many other local racers have flown the engine builder’s banner loyally for years, and season after season you see many of them in Tim’s ads and in the headlines of All The Dirt! Racing News.

A few of the ones you might have noticed this year are:

•WISSOTA Late Models
Scott Gilberts, Brent Larson, Darrell Nelson, Kerry Hanson, Steve Laursen.

•WISSOTA Modifieds
Trent Follmer, Dale Mathison, Eric Martini, Ron Jones, Darrell Nelson, Kelly Estey, Justin Jones, Rich Lofthus, Duane Dale.

•WISSOTA Super Stocks
Shawn Huse, Mike Keller, Mark Stender, Bart Steffen.

•WISSOTA Midwest Mods
Shane Halopka, Brady Caul, Grant Southworth, Jesse Glenz, Ivan Simmerman, Skeeter Estey, Ronnie Rihn, Justin Jones, Kevin Monteith, Clark Swartz, Mark Gerth.

Many others from across the region also put a little “Tim” under the hood of their race cars.

"I really have to say thanks to all our clients for their support and a special thanks to everyone that stopped to visit B.J. at this year’s WISSOTA Expo in St. Cloud," Ludwigson said.

"We think that’s a great way to meet new people and tell them about our products and our philosophies. It’s a great way to do business," Ludwigson noted.

Tim’s Automotive Machine has hand selected a number of top-notch brand names for its race engine assemblies including Dart racing products, KB Carbs, Program Engineering Caps, Diamond Pistons, JE Pistons, SRP Pistons, Comp Cams, APR?Bolts, Clevite Bearings, Crower and TRW.

If you’d like more information about Tim’s Automotive or would like to order an engine that could help get you to victory lane, Ludwigson can be reached by telephone at (715) 568-1323 or fax at (715) 568-1325 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Story courtesy of All The Dirt! Racing News